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Post  John Clavell on Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:43 am

How to Raid...There are three types of raids, regular raids, which are against a planet adjacent to the one your launching from, deep raids, which are two jumps from your planet, and extended range raids, which are three jumps from your planet. Regular raids you go in at 90% of the defenders BV. so if they have a 10k bv LZ, you can attack with 9k BV. Deep and Extended Range Raids, you go in with 75% of the defenders BV, so you could only take 7500 bv. If you win the raid, you get a percentage of points from the empire you attacked. It is based on what they have built in the specific zone you raid. So if you raid the plains zone of whatever empire you attacking, and all they have built in that zone are Food production facilities, you get a percentage of that zone's output. I think its something like 35 idays worth of that zone's production. So if that zone produces 10k FP per iday, you would get 350k food points. You also steal any blueprints and items in inventory that they have stashed in that zone. This is very rare, as everyone puts their inventories in their capital zones, because capital zones cannot be raided.

Theft Raids, BP, and RP Thefts, are against an adjacent planet's sectors only, are you can only take 75% of the defenders BV. But the rewards are greater. A theft raid isnt based on that zone's output, it is based on the entire empire's total production of BP or RP. again, 35 idays worth. So if the empire your attacking makes 100k RP an iday, you could steal around 3.5mil RP. They're harder to win, but have a greater reward.

Now, there IS risk involved in raiding. If you lose, then your empire loses whatever you would have gained in points. So if you would have won 350k FP, instead you will lose it from your stockpile of points.

How do you Raid...

- You open the Starmap, click on Borders, and then Jumproutes...
- Select the planet you want to launch from (Outreach, Terra, or New Earth are your best options)
- Open sector Map
- Find the sector you want to use mechs from, click the Mil Ops button
- From the Drop down in the top left, select the type of raid you want to launch
- Go back to the starmap and select the path to get to your target planet (if launching from Outreach, you would select Irian, then the next planet, up to three jumps away, depending on the type of raid)
- Go back to the mil ops screen, and select load sectors
- Select the sector number of the empire you want to raid, it will show either a Green OK, or Red cant be raided because that empire is still in protection
- Once you find a sector that is Green OK, you start selecting your mechs. It is best to take around 25k - 30k bv on a raid, a wide range of mechs to cover many possibilities such as long range hitters, or short range hitters, jumpers, plodders, etc...
- Once you have your mechs selected, Name your Operation (nothing vulgar or dirty, admins frown upon it)
- Once everything is set, click deploy. This will take you to the Operations window, it takes approx 30 minutes for your forces to arrive at the destination
- On the left of the screen, select attack from DropShip, into LZ, this will bring up your list of mechs (they will say in transit until they actually arrive)
- When they dont say in transit anymore, and prolly say allied Mech, etc, you are ready to launch your attack. Select Attack From Dropship to LZ again, and it will show you how much BV you can attack with
- Select a number of mechs to equal up to that allowed BV, then select Deploy.
- On a raid, you have to win the battle in the Landing Zone before you can attack your actual target zone (like if you had selected plains)
- Once you launch, go to the Game interface, military tab, hit the current battles button, and find your mechs in battle, click one and select claim and join battle

After you win the LZ, u have to go back to that operations window (military tab, at the bottom find the offensive operations drop down and select your op and hit go)
You will now need to unload some more, undamaged mechs into the LZ you have just won. Once u have enough BV to attack the next zone unloaded, select attack from Landing Zone, into target zone, and hit deploy, and again go find your mechs in battle and claim and go into the fight.

At the conclusion of the target zone battle, all mechs will automatically return to the planet you launched from, and the information on what you won can be found on the info tab, top right information box, scroll all the way to the bottom.

You can mechs from anyone's empire, as long as they give you permission to do so, and they have you added to the piloting permissions (politics tab, set piloting permissions) Just make sure you let them know when your finished so they can do repairs.

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