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Post  Mindwarp on Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:25 am

When defending against an Invasion
If you are 4-sectors, your attacker gets 100% of your bv bracket
If you are 2-sectors, your attacker gets 90%
If you are 1-sector, your attacker gets 75%
You can use either IS mechs or Clan mechs with no penalty
When attacking and Invading
If you are using IS only vs Clan, you get a 10% BV bonus
same rules apply as above...if u invade a 4-sector, u get 100%, 90% for invading a 2-sector, 75% for
invading a 1 sector (Plus 10% for each if u take IS mechs only)

There are two types of recons, regular recons, which you can launch on enemy planets adjastent to your
planet, and deep recons, which you can launch on planets one jump past the enemy border planet.

Extended Range raids you only get 75% of the defender's have to take the LZ, and then win the
zone your raiding
Deep raids you get 90%
Regular raids 100% (Again, 10% for IS only mechs applies)
Extended Range Raids can go 3 jumps deep, Deep Raids can go 2 jumps deep and Regular Raids go 1 jump away.

Building and assigning workers
You build your zones up from the Build tab. Simply select that tab, select the sector and zone you want
to build in, then select the buildings you want to build. Starting out you want to build mainly research
facilities, building production centers, and the housing to man all that. So if I build 2 advanced
commercial buildings, that each provide 100 jobs, I will need to build 1 advanced housing unit, which is
200 population, enough to cover the 200 commercial jobs.
Once you’ve built these buildings, don’t forget to go to the infrastructure tab and assign your population to
work. And don’t forget to hit the save button before you navigate away from the infrastructure tab if
you’ve made any changes.

Dont research Basic Admin Center, Stockmarket, or Starport...they're not coded into the game so they're
useless...stick to researching the empire specific tree and getting all the advanced buildings...Advanced
Housing, Production Center, Research Facility, Hydroponics, Refinery, Commercial, Mech Training
Centers, and Repair facilities, and mech, and vehicle bays.
Join a faction as soon as you can. When you start out, you have just a capital zone to build in...when you
join a faction and get placed on a planet, you get three more zones to complete your first sector.

Pirate Raids
This is a good way to build your empire faster. You can take mechs from anyone's empire in your faction
who has you added to their piloting permissions. you don't earn "pirate points" for each bv killed of pirate
mechs, but you get the bounty. So if you do a 10k pirate raid, you can earn up to 10k pirate points. pirate points you can then
convert into other points, like research points or training points, etc...each pirate point converts into two of
these other points. so 10k pirate points can earn you 20k research points.

An even faster way of building your empire is to run missions. Same concept as Pirates, except you must
use your own mechs only, and you earn war points and salvage. War points convert at a greater amount
than pirate points. 1 WP will get you 7 build points, or 5 points of anything else. or you can cash your
warpoints in for a rare part you might need. The only caveat with missions, is you must be a subscriber to
the game. You must donate at least 10 AUD a month (see subscription on main page,
under donate)

Moving mechs from planet to planet
The way you move your mechs, is from the starmap. open the starmap, click on the planet you have
mechs on, open the sector map, and click move on the sector your mechs are in. a move window will
open. leave it open and go back to the starmap. click on all the planet in between ur planet and your
destination, in order. once you've clicked on the final planet, the one your mechs are moving to, go back
to the movement window, and hit load sectors. find the sector your mechs are moving to, then select all
the mechs you want to move, and hit send. It will show you how long it will take for your mechs to move
to the new location.

Free For All
The free for all is an excellent place for new players to spend time learning the combat interface, and
sharpening their skills. Located on the game world, which is found in the bototm right corner of the
military tab. The game world window will open, and you select Free for all. You basically rent a mech, at
whatever skills you want, hit calculate cost, and then hit enter the FFA. The only thing you need is cash
to pay for the mech rental. In the FFA you face other players in the game. You earn Training points and
cash for each mech you kill. So its a good idea to spend alot of time here earning the TP needed to train
your very own mechs.

Also located on the Game world, you basically can try out any mech in the game, at any skill level, vs
other players, or vs the computer AI. Simply select the simulator tab, select the mech you want and the
skills, then at the bottom select fight vs another player, or fight vs AI, and it will launch the battle. You
dont earn anything other than better piloting skills.

IRC Chat
here is a link to an IRC chat program that is free, I use it and have no problems. also Chazilla also Icechat also mIRC

Chat Rooms
/join #invasion3042 this is the main game chat room

/join #Wolfs-Dragoons this is our faction chat room

The bottom line is that you can get 100% more guidance and help from being active or even semi active in chat.

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